On The Other Hand Death

This is a great movie about a gay private investigator that starts a case following a lady that her husband says he believes is having an affair. He finds out that she is an undercover police officer who is not even married. So he hands that case off to his assistant in order to, personally and unpaid, investigate the harrassment of a gay couple.on the other hand deaht

The female couple has been had their home vandalized and had vicious hate and anti-gay threats. The ladies are being targeted to try to get them to move because of the anti-gay neighbors. One is ready to move, the other refuses to give in to the threats and hate crimes against them.

Donald Strachey is a favorite film private eye, one of the only well known gay private investigators in the movies. He gets involved in these two cases that are seemingly unconnected, but the ladies offer a personal passion of, so he takes off on his own to help them.

The cases end up rolling into each other as one case. Donald exposes dark secrets and frantic twists in his path to solving both cases. Donald ends up meeting his lover’s ex-boyfriend, who is of course a friend of . But can he be a trusted friend? Or can anyone really be trusted in the whole crazy plot?

This is a nicely written mystery movie, that just happens to show the ugly side of people hating others for their lifestyle. The relationship between Donald and his lover Timothy is sweet and tender, they portray a great male gay couple that are professional and committed. The lesbian couple are also both professional, oder ladies that just want to live their lives happy and lovingly. But they are harassed and shown hate just because of who they love and the life they live.

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