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Wedding Gifts for Same-Sex Couples

Wedding (or Valentine’s day) gifts are fun to shop for no matter who the couple is, although it can be tough if you are not super close to them to buy personal gifts. It is no different to buy a gift for a same sex couple than for any other couple that is sharing their love and lives through marriage. It is a joyous, special day for them; maybe even more so if they have had to wait to marry due to laws that did not allow it in their state.

If you are close to the couple or to one of them, it makes it even more fun to shop. You can be traditional or you can get funky and creative. Finding the perfect gift is so rewarding! Here are some great tips and ideas for the best same sex wedding presents for gay couples.

Personalized wedding or Valentine’s day gifts are always amazing! There are very nice even eclectic items that you can find online that are made especially for same sex marriages or for gay couples anytime. Cafe Press is the perfect one-stop shopping for a myriad of items geared specifically for gay couples. Just a sample of items:
• Drinking glasses
• Coffee cups
• Shirts and sweatshirts
• Water bottles
• Tote bags
• Ornaments
• Wedding cards
• Flip-flops with wedding rings and rainbows
• Buttons
• Hats
• Journals

For actually personalized items, you can order ahead for customization. Customgayweddinggifts.com has a huge selection wedding items for gay couples. From presents to invitations and RSVP cards.
• Pillows
• Custom ornaments
• Gift wrapping
• Wedding frames
• Personalized frames
• Ceramic tiles- Decorative
• Stickers
• Paper napkins
• Aprons
• Binders
• Cake toppers

Another site that has personalized items is thatgaysite.com. These are unique, off the wall items that are super fun.
• Personalized clothing hangers
• Home Decor that is personal
• His & His or Hers & Hers pillow cases
• Wedding cards

For handmade items or supplies to make a wedding gift for your gay couple try Etsy. The options on there are endless. Many sellers will also customize by special order. A sampling of a few ideas are listed below:
• Tuxedo origami wall decor
• Boy meets boy luggage tags
• Couples heart maps in frame- a heart made from two maps of where each were born, in a wood frame
• Mrs. & Mrs. or Mr. & Mr. burlap pillow

Other great ideas, that are not purchased items per se can have a various range. You could know the couple very well and come up with your own special personalized idea that is unique to them. Here are some general ideas that might stoke your creativity:
• Gift card basket- With gift cards to special places to the couple
• A weekend spa get-away or whatever they would like
• Housecleaning package for a month
• Car detailing packages for the car buffs

No matter what gift you choose your friends or family will be thrilled that you are sharing their special day. You can’t go wrong with something personal and from your heart. It shows how much you care and that you thought about them deeply when choosing their gift.

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